Q: Can I team up with players that don’t play at the arcade I usually play at?

A: Of course! Teaming up with players at your local arcade is encouraged, but certainly not a requirement. You are free to team up with whomever you like, so long as teams have no more than one Champions League Superstar – see the rules page for more info on Superstars. Please note, however, that your team captain will be required to specify a “home arcade” for regional ranking purposes.

Q: Can I participate with more than one team?

A: Nope – once you’ve signed up with a team, that’s who you’re riding with, pardner. The same player may not be on multiple teams.

Q: Can more than one team represent the same arcade?

A: YES! There are no limits to how many teams may enter the competition, nor are there limits on how many teams may represent a particular arcade.

Q: What region does my arcade belong to?

A: In general, regions are defined by US state or world region – see the rules page for a complete list of states that make up a particular region. It should be noted that the state of California is uniquely split into Northern California (which belongs to the Northwest region) and Southern California (which belongs to the Pacific region). The arcades that belong to each region in California are as follows:

NorCal (Northwest): R1 SVM, R1 NRM, R1 SLM, D&B Concord, D&B Daly City, D&B Fresno, D&B Roseville, D&B Milpitas, R1 ESC

SoCal (Pacific): D&B Arcadia, D&B Carlsbad, R1 ERM, D&B Hollywood, D&B Irvine, D&B Westchester, D&B Orange, D&B San Diego, R1 MPM, R1 LWM, R1 MVM, R1 PHM, R1 TMP, D&B Ontario, D&B Torrance

Q: I don’t see my arcade listed on the registration form! What gives?

A: We know that DDR A20 pops up in new places from time to time – if you don’t see your arcade listed, let us know!

Q: Can I participate in the tournament on a cabinet running DDR A?

A: No. In order to compete, you’ll need to play on a cabinet running current patch of DDR A20.

Q: I forgot to submit my scores and I’m freaking out!!! Is there any hope of our team getting credit??

A: Breathe easy. Firstly, refer to the full rules for when score submissions are due. We’ll send out reminders in the Discord during qualifying and during each round of the tournament proper. Please make every effort to submit scores on time. Tournament staff reserve the right to accept or reject scores submitted within 24 hours past the due date, but we may ask for an explanation as to what happened. We will not be able to process scores submitted 24 hours past the deadline.

Q: I have access to a machine, but it’s not online. Can I still enter?

A: DM us and we can discuss on case-by-case basis. Thanks!