DDR Champions League Basic Rules

Full rules can be found here:

Team format:

  • 3 player teams
  • Each team represents a “home” arcade, and will be assigned to one of seven geographic regions.
  • Players that finished top 15 NA during the 9th KAC qualifying, or top 4 at a recent DDR A/A20 major are designated “Champions League Superstars”, and may not be on the same team. Majors include The Big Deal 3, Storm 2019, Raj 6, and ISSJ.
  • Additionally, players from outside the United States that finished high in 9th KAC qualifying are given Superstar status, including Top 15 East Japan, Top 15 West Japan, and Top 4 Korea.
  • Finally, any player who was a finalist at 8th or 9th KAC will also be given Superstar status.
  • Full roster of Superstars are included in the full rules.

Arcade Regions:

  • Great Lakes – IL, OH, MN, MI, WI, Canada
  • Northeast – NY, PA, MA, RI, ME, MD
  • Southeast – NC, GA, TN, FL, VA, GA, KY, MO
  • Southwest – TX, AZ, CO, NM, NE, NV, UT, KS
  • Northwest – NorCal, WA
  • Pacific – SoCal, HI
  • World – any region outside North America

Qualifying – starts March 31

  • There will be two sets of six songs each drawn during the qualifying phase.
  • Set A will consist of two 13s, two 14s, and two 15s, expert/challenge only. Set A will be drawn on Tuesday, March 31.
  • Set B will consist of two 13s, two 14s, and two 15s, expert/challenge only. Set B will be drawn on Monday, April 13.
  • You may play the qualifier songs on lower difficulties if you wish, but you may not play a higher difficulty than specified in the card draw. For example, if Condor ESP is drawn, you may play Expert, Difficult, Basic, or Beginner for score submission purposes, but you may not play the Challenge chart.
  • Each team member must play two songs of each set.
  • Unlimited submissions allowed.
  • No team member may play both songs of any difficulty level in either set.
  • Qualifying ends April 26.

Qualifying Ranking

  • Rankings will be based on cumulative EX across the twelve qualifying songs.
  • Top two teams of each region will advance into Champions League knockout bracket.
  • After regional slots are filled, next four teams with highest EX will earn bids into the Champions League knockout as wildcards.
  • If more than four teams from outside North America enter the tournament, the top team from outside North America will earn an automatic bid into the Champions League knockout, and there will be three wildcard bids.
  • Remaining teams that did not qualify for the Champions League knockout will go into a consolation bracket or a middle/lower knockout bracket, pending number of team signups.

Champions League Knockout Round

  • 16 teams that qualify for the knockout rounds are randomly drawn against one another to form 8 matches. 
  • For each match, six songs will be randomly drawn. Each team member will play two songs. 
  • Each song win counts for 1 point, ties count for 0.5 point. 3.5 points in a match by one team results in a match win and advancement to the next round.
  • Eliminated teams drop into the consolation ladder.
  • Difficult, Expert, and Challenge charts may appear during the Champions League knockout rounds. Level ranges and distributions for the card draws in each round are:
    • Round of 16: 35% 14, 35% 15, 30% 16
    • Round of 8: 35% 15, 35% 16, 30% 17
    • Semifinal: 35% 16, 35% 17, 30% 18
    • Final: 40% 17, 50% 18, 10% 19
  • Matchups and card draws will be done live on stream on Tuesday of match start, the results of which will also be posted on the website. Stream schedule tentatively at 8:30 CST Tuesday of match start.
  • Knockout round schedule:
    • Round of 16: Tues, Apr 28 – Mon, May 11 
    • Round of 8: Tues, May 12 – Mon, May 25 
    • Semifinal: Tues, May 26 – Mon, Jun 8 
    • Final: Tues, Jun 9 – Mon, Jun 22

Depending on the number of signups, we may run additional lower tier knockout brackets, with similar rules to the Champions League knockout bracket. More info to come at a later date.

Consolation ladder

  • Swiss system will be used.
  • Expert and Challenge charts only. There will be no level restrictions or weight distributions applied to the card draw.
    • Similar to qualifying, you may play lower difficulty charts than specified in the card draw, but you may not play a harder chart than specified.
  • A special card draw app will be featured for the consolation round. Each round will feature a unique, limited chart distribution for the card draw:
    • ROUND 1: Kickin’ It Old School – songs from 1st Mix through Extreme
    • ROUND 2: The Dark Ages – songs from SuperNOVA through X
    • ROUND 3: Dancing Renaissance – songs from X2 through 2014
    • ROUND 4: New Generation – songs from DDR A and DDR A20
  • At the end of the tournament, the teams with the best 4-match win percentages in the consolation ladder will be recognized. Ties will be broken by team song win percentages.